Krewe de fu is an outlet for creative expression though costuming, choreography, performance and props. It is a melding of the martial and Mardi Gras arts and an excuse to build, party and train in ways that otherwise don’t fit into normal adult life. Our motto, “Para-militant, Ultra-decadent,” Is not just something to put on a banner but it is a path to larger life. Through discipline and collaboration we achieve greater freedom and ability to express ourselves in outlandish ways. By joining our membership you become a patron of our unique flavor of revelry and we are strengthened by your talents and your spirit. All are welcome to join us on Mardi Gras day, member or not. We just ask that you arrive in costume with something to contribute to the party, an open mind and a warrior’s spirit.

For Our Members:
Members are invited to join us for regular workout sessions in which we condition our bodies for strength and agility to prepare ourselves for the rigors of revelry. We study the martial style of Tia Guai Li (known as The Drunken Cripple) and we practice the Eight Pieces of the Silk Brocade, an ancient series of exercises brought to China by Bodhidharma that became the basis of kung fu and many other martial arts.

You will be welcome to contribute your talents and ideas in the construction of the elaborate installations, props and costumes that are a part of the Krewe’s arsenal of fun. We will have workshops to help our members build their own costumes as well. We go bigger every year!

You will have access to a portal on our website that contains exclusive content such as training videos, pictures and discussion.

We will keep you on our mailing list for all Krewe de Fu events.

You will have the option to buy your ticket to our annual 12th night masquerade ball early and at a reduced price.


Buy a one year membership to Krewe de Fu for $36 here:


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