About the Krewe


Many years ago my wife and I were waiting to perform a traditional lion dance at a Buddhist temple in baton Rouge for the Chinese New Year.  As we waited for the monks to finish prayers I had a brilliant idea.  I walked across the courtyard to Rachel and told her excitedly about my idea for a martial arts based Mardi Gras krewe to which she replied “You’re an idiot.”

Several years later, on Mardi Gras day 2009, the two of us dressed in our Kung Fu gear, sporting a flag made from a shower curtain with the words “Krewe de Fu.”  By chance our picture was taken by a photographer from The Levee, a satirical newspaper, and the Krewe was immortalized.  The next year we were joined by 10 more revelers with an enthusiasm for the martial arts, and we have grown every year since.

Over the course of several years the Krewe has grown to have a real structure including a succession  of royalty and various committees, allowing us to tackle large scale projects such as our annual 12th Night masquerade ball.

Krewe de fu is an outlet for creative expression though costuming, choreography, performance and props. It is a melding of the martial and Mardi Gras arts and an excuse to build, party and train in ways that otherwise don’t fit into normal adult life. Our motto, “Para-militant, Ultra-decadent,” Is not just something to put on a banner but it is a path to larger life. Through discipline and collaboration we achieve greater freedom and ability to express ourselves in outlandish ways. By joining our membership you become a patron of our unique flavor of revelry and we are strengthened by your talents and your spirit. All are welcome to join us on Mardi Gras day, member or not. We just ask that you arrive in costume with something to contribute to the party, an open mind and a warrior’s spirit.

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